I state that I am not a “teacher” in this field, but only a rather assiduous “practitioner” and, noting the well-being that I get physically and emotionally every time I decide to take time to stop everything and meditate, I liked the idea of sharing a bit of knowledge and curiosity on the topic of Meditation also in my blog-diary

First of all meditation is relaxation. It has nothing to do with concentration, in fact, the Keyword here is “deconcentration”. It is not to focus thoughts on something, but rather to wipe out all sorts of thoughts.

What are the main meditation benefits?

A calmer mind
Good concentration

  • A calmer mind
  • Good concentration
  • Greater clarity of ideas
  • Greater ability to communicate clearly
  • Relaxation and mind and body rejuvenation.

On a physical level with meditation, our body undergoes a real physiological change and each cell is filled with energy. The more energy we give to our cells the more our level of joy, peace, enthusiasm increases.

As far as physical health is concerned, is known now that meditation :

  • reduces hypertension
  • reduces the level of lactate (which is the ionized form of lactic acid and is created by muscles, red blood cells and brain cells during the of anaerobic energy production) in the blood, thus reducing anxiety attacks
  • It lowers any tension related to pain … for example the tension given by headache, ulcer, insomnia, muscle and joint problems.
  • It increases the production of serotonin with consequent improvement of mood.
  • Enhances the immune system
  • Increases the level of physical energy as you reach a deeper level of inner energy

On a mental level meditation brings brain waves into an “alpha” state which tends to promote general healing.

With regular meditation practice:

  • Anxiety decreases
  • Emotional stability will improve
  • Creativity increases
  • The sense of happiness and serenity increases
  • Intuition develops better
  • Clarity and peace of mind are achieved
  • The problems seem less “heavy”
  • You refine your mind by acquiring concentration as you relax more deeply
  • A balance is reached between an acute mind and an open consciousness that brings perfection

Meditation makes us aware of the fact that our feeling good internally determines our degree of happiness and serenity.

Meditating also brings benefits on a spiritual level.

Meditation has no religion and can be practiced by anyone regardless of the faith you follow.

In order to experience the benefits of meditation, regular practice would be necessary … even if for me, personally, who are rather uneven in my things (I admit), improve the day just by practicing it every time I feel tense, nervous, restless or sad.

But, of course, daily practice is the one that brings major and deep-rooted benefits.

And after all, only a few minutes a day are enough and, once you enter this daily routine, the moment of meditation inevitably becomes the best moment of your day.

Meditation is like a seed: the more you cultivate it with love the more it will bloom beautifully strong and with bright colors.

Nowadays meditation has become a MUST especially among those who are always busy with work and stressful rhythms. Surveys show that super busy people of all backgrounds are grateful to be able to take a daily break while fully enjoying the few minutes they spend in meditation.

You can meditate simply by isolating yourself in a quiet corner of the house, in silence.

Or you can help yourself with guided meditation. On youtube there are several videos that can help you with this.

Or you can help yourself with music and sounds that reconcile mental immobility. And also in this case on Youtube there is an immense library of this type of audio.

But even with a mobile phone and earphones you can organize yourself, using themed apps.

Personally I have been using for some time “Meditation-Relax Music“, a free App (to be downloaded from Google Play) in which there is a collection of high quality meditation melodies, in each of which you can measure the level of each sound composing it adapting them to your needs.But even with a mobile phone and earphones you can organize yourself, using themed apps.

But there are countless others on Google Play to try and amoung which choose the one that’s right for you.

In this moment of stasis and forced silence, in which you often don’t know how to spend the time, why not carve out a moment in the day and try it? …. Then don’t forget to tell me below about your personal experience though huh? 🙂

So: close the door …. close the shutters … start the video, the music, the voice you have chosen … sit in a comfortable position for you …. close your eyes and Gooo … 3 beautiful deep breaths, away your thoughts and give yourself a wonderful immersion of a few minutes in a state of serenity and relaxation.

Mi Piace