In a historical moment in which a pandemic called Covid-19 has been holding the whole world more or less still for months, traveling becomes difficult, if not impossible … at least with the body.

But by browsing the web a bit, watching videos, it is possible to travel without having to move …. after all, traveling with fantasy is free and does not hurt the heart.

That’s why I start from here my personal virtual journey around the world, discovering places where I came across just surfing the web, and of which, blissful ignorance, I didn’t know the existence.

One of these is what is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful areas in the United States and is located near Page, between Arizona and Utah.

Ancient Navajo’ legends tell that once here there was an area where myriads of antelopes lived.

And it is these animals that also gave their name to Antelope Canyon, although the Navajo refer to this area as “Tse Bighanilini”, which means “the place where water flows through the rocks” for its Upper part and as “Hazdistazí” which means “spiral rock arches” for its Lower part.

In fact, we find ourselves catapulted into wonderful “natural masterpieces” worked over the centuries by wind and water.

Entering the slot canyon the atmosphere becomes almost otherworldly ’cause the only light that comes from the sun’s rays  penetrate through the narrow slits falling for 40 meters and create strange lights & colours games on the walls.

As mentioned above, the slot canyon was formed thousands of years ago thanks to the erosion of wind and water  on sandstone and today offers a show that perhaps only by going there in person can you fully appreciate, judging from what already photographs and movies transmit.

The Upper Antelope Canyon is undoubtedly the most visited because (being deeper than the Lower) it offers impressive light effects. And one of the places on earth preferred by photographers all over the world, who come here to look for the most original and perfect shot.

It is no coincidence that one of the most expensive photographs in the world (sold for 6.5 million dollars) was taken here by photographer Peter Pik. In the image, which is titled Phantom, the dust in the canyon seems to take the form of a ghost.

Lower Antelope Canyon has a slightly more complicated access than the Upper one and the slots are shallower and offer less frequent light games.

There is the advantage, however, that there is always a smaller presence of visitors here (which is no small thing for those who want to take photos) and you can stay as long as you want.

In short, if you were around there one day, this is a place to definitely be included in the list of places to visit, in my opinion.

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